NYS DMV Online Certified Inspector Training Registration
PLEASE NOTE: For ALL groups applied for, you have 120 days in total from receipt of the DMV mailed Online Certified Inspector Training instruction letter to complete (1) the training, (2) accept an affidavit, (3) take and pass the Pre-test with a score of 75% or higher, and (4) schedule a DMV Final Exam. If you do not complete these 4 steps within 120 days, you will be required to reapply and pay a new application fee and repeat all these steps. Once registered, you must sign-in to take or return to any saved Pre-test or to view the training material. Please see below.

Please enter Applicant Last Name and Applicant ID Number as it appears in your instruction letter in the box below and click Continue to begin the applicant training registration. After successfully registering, you will be able to access the training material on this site using your assigned Applicant ID Number and password.

Look for the successful registration confirmation email after clicking "Register" on the next web page.
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