This message is to inform you that you may now order NYVIP2 inspection equipment. Your current inspection equipment cannot be used after November 30, 2013, when the DMV – SGS Testcom contract expires. You must purchase NYVIP2 equipment if you wish to continue to participate in the inspection program.

On June 5, 2012 and on March 12, 2013, DMV issued NYVIP Messages #81 and #93 which included information regarding the next New York Vehicle Inspection Program (NYVIP2). These messages included questions and answers that relate to the new program which will begin on December 1, 2013. Please review these messages as they provide additional information.

As you were advised in NYVIP message 93, “Systech will provide one NYVIP2 initial unit to each station for $1,375 (which is $289 less than the base unit cost at the beginning of the program in 2004). The base unit includes all equipment and software necessary to perform inspections.” In addition to this base unit, Systech will offer upgrades and optional equipment. These additional items are not required by DMV and may be purchased at your discretion. Systech can describe their uses and benefits.

Shipping of equipment will begin in early August. You will be able to track the status of your order on the Systech website. If you order a base model, you will receive one box measuring 19” x 22” x 39”. When you receive your equipment, it will include instructions for testing it and keeping it secure. This will ensure that you are ready for December 1.

You may be able to switch over to your Systech equipment as early as September 1, 2013. Additional information regarding when stations can begin to use the new equipment will be sent by DMV in the near future.

In order to guarantee your equipment order delivery by December 1, 2013, you must place your order by August 15, 2013.

Please go to WWW.NYVIP.ORG to register with Systech and order equipment. If you have any questions call Systech at 1-866-OBD-TEST (623-8378)


Eliminate telephone costs -- Like your current analyzer, your new equipment will require a connection to communicate inspection data and retrieve records. A base $1,375.00 NYVIP2 unit will support direct dial, dial-up internet, and broadband.

Longstanding regulations (NYCRR 79.9(d)(2)(vii)) require that if your analyzer is connecting by telephone, the line must be used for the analyzer only. As pointed out in NYVIP message 62 in December 2010, if you opt for broadband, you can eliminate monthly fees for the dedicated analyzer telephone line.

How a station chooses to connect to Systech is up to each station.

No monthly bills -- Inspection communication to Systech will utilize prepaid “transactions authorizations” in order to perform inspections – eliminating monthly bills and the risk of station shut-offs for non-payment – minimal blocks of 20 ($8.72) will be available. These can be purchased electronically on your analyzer and on the internet. In addition, Systech will offer an option for automatic replenishment of inspection authorizations.

Optional upgrades -- The NYVIP2 system will be offered with optional upgrades which will include a larger monitor, wireless broadband networking (Wi-Fi), wireless OBDII scan tool, and a wireless barcode scanner; with more to come. Wireless options allow the use of your existing broadband without running cables to your bays. Purchase of these upgrades and other options are available at your discretion.

Again, please go to WWW.NYVIP.ORG to register with Systech and order your equipment before August 15, 2013. If you have any questions call Systech at 1-866-OBD-TEST (623-8378).