Last week Systech International began shipping NYVIP2 units to inspection stations. Orders will continue to ship over the next several months and will be filled in the order received.

Over 7,100 stations have already placed orders. All of these stations met the August 15 deadline and are guaranteed delivery by December 1. If you have not yet ordered a unit, and you wish to keep your inspection station license in good standing after December 1, you can still place an order. Please refer to NYVIP messages 93 and 95 for more information.

If you plan to remain in the emission inspection program after December 1, 2013, please go to www.NYVIP.ORG and order your replacement equipment as soon as possible.

For those stations that have placed orders—

You will receive an email from Systech notifying you that your equipment has shipped. You can also check shipping status by logging into your station account at WWW.NYVIP.ORG. Once you are logged in follow the “Stations” tab to “Equipment” where you can then view your order status.

Once your NYVIP2 unit arrives it is important that you open the box and inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during the shipping process. If you find any damage please report it to Systech immediately so it can be rectified.

You should initialize your NYVIP2 equipment upon receiving it, closely following the “NYVIP2 Emissions Analyzer Setup” instructions included with the packaging. Be aware that the setup instructions are specifically designed for the NYVIP2 Computerized Vehicle Inspection System (CVIS), and must be strictly followed. If you have any questions regarding initializing your equipment please contact Systech before proceeding at 1-866-OBD-TEST.

Using the Systech equipment--

You cannot begin using the NYVIP2 unit to perform inspections prior to December 1 unless instructed to do so by either Systech or DMV. You must continue using your SGS Testcom equipment until advised otherwise.

Additional messages will follow in the coming weeks explaining the next steps in the conversion process. Until that time if you have any questions about the conversion you may call DMV Clean Air at 518-473-0597.